How Labels Can Help Bring CBD Products to Life

cbd cannabis packaging labels ideas design


CDB labeling is extremely essential if you want to sell CBD products successfully and not get into trouble. There are states where the instructions associated with the information that you need to put on your CBD labels are extremely strict. So rather than just buy basic labels that have the minimum required graphics and information, why not go the extra mile and purchase high quality graphical labels that will also wow your buyers.


You can’t always come up with a catchy drawing or slogan for a CBD product easily, but there are a few simple tips you can use to really bring your CBD products to life just through your labels:


  1. Think outside the box. Look at competing brands and what they have on their labels, and come up with something that none of them have thought about, consult with a cannabis packaging labels Colorado company to get their input.
  2. Use drawings and cartoons to tell a story – for example, focusing on how CBD can alleviate pain or help people with certain conditions improve and heal.
  3. Use high contrast colors to bring attention to your product. Of course, green is usually the main color associated with CBD products, but instead of just using green on white or yellow, consider blending shades of green with a contrasting light or dark color palette.
  4. Use graphics to transmit emotions. The emotional response of buyers will usually be the main reason why your product starts to disappear off the shelf, so targeting that response through eye-catching graphics is usually the best way to make your labels stand out.