How Labels are Made: Digital Printing from Design to Finished Product

Start Finish Digital Printing Process

No matter if it involves a simple or more sophisticated design, the way in which labels are made is a very specific one.


The first thing to do is collect information and put together a quote. A digital printing Colorado company usually needs a few data, such as the exact size for your label, the exact type of materials you will use for printing your labels, the approximate quantities for your total order, and so on. After you send all this data, you will receive a quote from the part of the label producing company. After that, you need to send the artwork. This way they can forward all the information as digital proof for official approval before printing.


The next stage is when your collection of data gets to the prepress department. The prepress team checks various aspects of your artwork, just to make sure everything is ready for print. Images should be embedded, Pantones must be labeled correctly, and all the essential details are taken into account before the labels get printed.


In case your label has a barcode, the prepress team can do a scan test, to check if the barcode can be easily read. If not, you may be required to change the areas around the barcode. After that, the labels can finally be printed.