How Frozen Food Labels Have Changed

Frozen Rood Packaging Labels Company

As a general definition, packing is a material or object made of various materials such as plastics, metal, paper etc., with the role of protecting the product during storage, handling, transport and sales, as well as with the role of communicating information on the product and marketing it.

The packaging of frozen products can be done before or after freezing, using two types of packaging, namely:

  • primary packaging (including the product label) that comes in direct contact with the product
  • transport packages that may contain several primary package

Both the packaging and the labels must be resistant to moisture, low temperatures and heat transfer, so that the information they provide remains clear and legible: name of the product, category, quantity in the packaging, manufacturer or distributor, ingredients, allergens, shelf life, nutritional declaration and storage conditions.

Frozen food labels have changed over the years. The inscription on the label of such details is obligatory nowadays, in the making and ensuring the traceability of foods throughout the food chain – essential to avoid potential risks for public health.

In addition, new regulations also include that on frozen food labels there should be a recommendation that they be thermally prepared, before being consumed – regardless of the type of product in question.  A local printing company found here can help with the regulations required for labels.