How Flexible Packaging Can Help Sell My Product

Flexible Packaging Digital Printing Capabilities

Flexible packaging is a professional and modern packaging solution, which can extend the shelf life of the product and help streamlining the entire production and delivery activity, from the moment of packaging, continuing with the entire logistics chain of storage and delivery, up to the shelf exposure. All without jeopardizing the integrity of the product.

The packaging process has many benefits when using flexible packaging.

The greener, the better

Given that the attention of modern consumers is focused on sustainability, producers can no longer ignore their impact on the environment. Flexible packaging is a top choice because it supports the following ecological initiatives:

  • Minimizing waste by using minimum material for packaging a product
  • Requiring less energy and generates only a fraction of CO2 emissions related to the production of other packaging
  • Promoting recycling
  • Reducing food waste by prolonging shelf life and product freshness
  • Requiring fewer trucks for transportation; this translates into less fuel consumption and air pollution. Recent advances in materials and production processes have reduced the weight of products wrapped in flexible packaging by up to 50%. This weight reduction, combined with space saving attributes, means that more products can be transported with less fuel and energy consumption.

Durability despite flexibility

Flexible packaging with digital printing Denver area shops provide is durable and versatile at the same time, protecting the surface of the product very well, and some even offering anti-shock and anti-vibration protection.