How Effective Are Instant Redeemable Packaging Coupons

Redeemable Packaging Coupons Peel And Reveal

Instant redeemable packaging coupons (known as ICRs) are relevant for consumers who constantly look for ways to save money. In the past, people used to scour the papers to identify the best deals, but in the meantime the way coupons reach customers has changed significantly.

Instant redeemable coupons are innovative ways for brands to drive sales and build customer loyalty. They are typically designed with an adhesive backing, so they can be attached directly on product packaging, but sometimes they are also simply offered to customers at the point of sale.

These coupons are space and cost savers, considering that they do not require additional space or advertising strategies. The promotion is clearly visible on the packaging and drives profit even without additional promo codes published online or in the mail.

By using ICRs, you will not have to modify your packaging design at all; you can design them to complement it and perform well even in harsh environments (hot, oily, freezing etc.).

The sale opportunities instant redeemable coupons bring for your brand include:

  • Promoting new products
  • Promoting special offers
  • Drawing more attention to the products they are used for
  • Encouraging driving impulse purchases
  • Increasing purchases
  • Enhancing the brand and its message
  • Displaying recipes

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