How Effective Are Instant Redeemable Packaging Coupons


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Instant redeemable packaging coupons (IRCs) are the new and effective replacement of newspaper coupons. Instead of spending time looking for special discounts in various papers and magazines, the customers find the promotion attached directly onto the product packaging.  So acquiring custom label printer Denver shops can help your company achieve great results.


Reasons to Consider Using Instant Redeemable Packaging Coupons

IRCs are extremely effective. Before other explanations, here are two relevant statistics: 89% of consumers use coupons and 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store. Therefore:


  1. IRCs Can Encourage Consumers to Buy More Products

An instant redeemable coupon attached to the packaging promoting a “buy 3 get 1 free” or “save $10 on the second product” type of offer is an effective way to grow the volume of sales. This is even more effective for everyday products, such as household cleaners or canned food.


  1. Promote New Products with an IRC

If you are launching a new product, an IRC offering a small discount on the first purchase will encourage your customers to buy it. To make the offer more enticing, attach a small sample of the new product (if applicable).


  1. IRCs Encourage Impulse Purchase

An attractive offer printed on IRCs can determine a shopper to put the product in the cart, even if it was not on their shopping list. People don’t like missing a good deal, even if they don’t have an immediate need for the respective item.