How Detailed Should My Product Labels Be?

Creative Packaging Labels

Product labels are among the primary sources of information about the contents and the seller of a specific product and also a component of huge advertising potential, so maintaining a balance between graphic design and information is very important if you want to harness the benefits of attractive labels.  For your packaging, find a packaging company Denver is home to for convenience and accuracy of your packaging.

For many product types, the details that should be included on labels are determined by the law. Food products, for example, are required to display information related to ingredients, nutrition facts, volume, quantity, certifications that prove the quality of the product and many other details, while other types of products are required to show expiry dates or size on the labels. While you cannot save space by skipping compulsory information, you can freely play with the other types of information that you display on your labels.

Make sure that the name of the product, the name and the logo of your company as well as the company’s contact details are displayed visibly. It is a good idea to add an image of or related to the product in the packaging and if the space permits it, you can add a short text to highlight important product features and usage recommendations, but avoid overcrowding your labels with small print that is difficult to read.