How Customers Interact With Product Packaging

They say that you must not judge a book by its cover. But customers judge products first of all by its package. They feel an initial like or dislike based on the look of the package and this influences their next action: picking up the product for closer inspection or walking away.


Customers interact with product packaging in three ways:


  1. Visually

This is the initial point of contact between the customer and the product. An innovative package design and cleverly selected colors make your product stand out and draw people’s attention. Bright colors and powerful color contrasts are very important – they are like exclamation marks telling the customer “pick me!”  This is especially true for the marijuana packaging Colorado print shops are producing.


  1. By Touch

What do customers feel when they decide to look at the product and take it in their hands? Texture is just as important as color. Whether you opt for silky finish, smooth or textured materials, they must give a pleasant feel and invite the customer to keep holding the product.


  1. Logically

This is the very last type of interaction – when the customer starts reading the product description and list of ingredients. By now, their buying decision is half formed. It is difficult to thwart a negative visual and tactile impression, unless your product has truly exceptional properties/qualities.