How Customers Interact with Product Packaging

Primeflex Labels Product Packaging

A product’s packaging is the first source of information according to Primeflex Labels Inc., the first point of contact between the customer and the product, therefore an element that can make or break the product’s success. Customers interact with product packaging in multiple ways – here is how:

  • Visual interaction – the colors, the shapes and the fonts used on your product packaging are the elements that your customers will perceive first, the design components that will attract their attention before they even know what your packaging contains. The best way to attract customers is by using strong, vibrant colors, contrasts and large, attractive lettering, but you need to pay attention to using all these elements in a balanced way that is pleasing to the eye;
  • Tactile interaction – if your graphics manage to raise attention and to draw people closer, your customers will probably take your product in their hand to find out more about it. This is where the quality of the packaging material comes in – your product needs to feel good to touch and to hold, it needs to inspire trust and to encourage your customers to purchase it;
  • Interaction through text and figures – the name of the product and of your company, the product description, your motto and the list of ingredients provided on your packaging are just as important as the visual and tactile aspects, so it is crucial to use well-formulated text elements as well as the right amount of details on your labels or packaging.