How CBD Labels Are Harder to Prepare Than You Thought

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As the market for cannabis products grows, more products will appear. This growth also means that you will have to make extra efforts so that your products stand out from your competitors, and this is where a CBD label can make the difference!

However, considering that CBD products are not exactly ordinary, their labels can be harder to prepare than you might think, and it is easy to make mistakes. A recent investigation uncovered widespread issues of CBD label content. Misleading labels can encourage people to use poorly regulated and also expensive products, instead of those FDA approved that are considered safe.

If you label your CBD products inappropriately, you risk facing compliance issues.

Some of these labels do not contain the information required by law, while others have design issues that prevent customers from reading the information properly (e.g., font size or style issues).

Although this is illegal, there are also CBD labels that emphasize health. While there may be many studies suggesting the connection between CBD and some health benefits, there isn’t enough existing information to draw a medical conclusion. This is why the FDA will crack down on labels that make such health claims, suggesting positive effects on people with diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or other conditions. If you want to stay away from such problems, it is best to completely avoid making health claims on your CBD product labels.  It’s best to work with a printing company like that has experience in these type of labels.