How Can You Attract Millennials with Original, Custom Packaging and Labels?

Flexographic label with a tigerIf you ask millennials what packaging should look like, you’ll probably get a lot of different and unique answers – some widely different from what you might have been used to during your own youth or childhood. Millennials have not only developed differently as a generation, when compared to baby boomers, but their entire thinking and emotional awareness is very different as well.


Impressing millennials with packaging no longer works just by creating a clear-cut list of your ingredients, features and benefits. Aside from all the logical stuff, you also have to create an ingenious packaging design that will captivate your millennial customers from the start, by conveying a strong, emotional message.


Experience oriented millennials will look for visual and artistic stimulation from product labels that are bustling with creative, graphic design patterns and unique, colorful elements, including the informative peel back labels available. Most millennials are also highly self-oriented, which means they’re more likely to respond to labels that feature personalized messages that speak directly to the audience, rather than the boring, generalized slogans of the past.


Finally, if you want to impress millennials, you’ll have to give them the chance to provide your brand with a loyal following and to share about your company and products on social media. The internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a huge part of the life of almost every millennial out there. So you’re better off placing hashtags and your social media accounts, compared to adding extra artwork and marketing slogans.