How Are Frozen Food Labels Different?

Frozen Rood Labels Label Company

The labels used on frozen food products need to comply not only with regulations related to the content to be displayed, but also related to the materials used for making the label – here are some requirements:

  • Weatherproof labels – the labels used on frozen foods need to be able to withstand conditions similar to a snowstorm;
  • Resistant to very low temperatures – the labels need to withstand at least the temperature at which the frozen product in the package needs to be stored;
  • All temperature labels – many frozen products are defrosted in ovens without removing the packaging, which means that the labels attached need to be able to resist not only very low, but very high temperatures as well, what’s more, they need to be microwavable, too;
  • Waterproof, heatproof and coldproof printing solutions – the information printed on frozen food labels needs to stay readable whatever happens to the package, whether it is kept in the freezer or placed into an oven, so the ink used for the printing and the printing technology used for applying the ink on the surface of the label also need to be compliant with the rules and regulations applicable to frozen food labels.

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