Hot or Cold? The Role of Temperature in Label Durability

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In case your products will have to deal with temperature variations, you need to make sure that the labels remain in good condition. There are certain specific situations in which temperature can do a lot of damage to your products’ durability.

For instance, heat or cold can lead to the deterioration of certain adhesives. These issues can actually happen right during the process of label application. For instance, in case you apply a certain label with adhesive which is not within its temperature range, this can make it impossible for the adhesive to stay on the container.

Not paying attention to the role of temperature can also lead to problems after the application of labels on several products. In this respect, excessive heat or cold can cause labels to peel off. If that may be the case, you should opt out for permanent label designs.

With careful planning, you can prevent any temperature-related issues from affecting your labels. Thus, you need to thoroughly consider things like where your products will be stored in the future, if there are any bottle or jar labels that will end up in a cooler or a fridge, and so on. Moisture, sunlight and humidity are other major factors to be taken into account.  Find a company like Primeflex Labels Inc to guide you through the thought process of label design.