Hiring Hurdles For Manufacturing Companies

Beautiful girl tells everyone the good newsThe good news is that the US`s economic recovery is on its way and the manufacturing industry keeps growing, after the recession. The bad news is that manufacturing companies encounter difficulties in recruiting trained workers, able to keep up with the current demand for services and products, in spite of running permanent advertisements.


Aging workforce and the fact that young people are not attracted anymore to the manufacturing sector primarily cause this situation. Career guidance provided by parents and school counselors alike is college-oriented, even if college is not for everyone and should not be emphasized as the only favorable career choice.

If the manufacturing industry wants to attract more workers in the future, it must work on cleaning up its image. Look to a eco friendly Denver packaging company to provide wonderful training and learn more about the logistics of manufacturing jobs.  Technical colleges must be encouraged and manufacturing companies should find ways to collaborate with them, developing apprenticeship programs and bringing young students in direct contact with job opportunities that they probably did not even know existed.

In the same time, manufacturing companies should improve their organizational culture, by adopting new measures to meet the needs of the new generations of workers: better working conditions, better communication, better career opportunities (opposed to mediocre job opportunities to make a living for the time being) etc.




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