Helpful Tips for Designing the Most Appealing Seasonally Themed Labels

Helpufl Tips Custom Printer Labels Design


Seasonally themed labels from a custom label printer Denver offers can be very efficient when it comes to getting buyers’ attention during the holiday season. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas is coming up, it’s a good idea for companies wanting to promote certain products to modify their labels slightly and add any information about special offers – such as a product available at a 30% discount – in bright, bold letters and accompanied by a themed holiday design that will excite buyers and get them interested.


The challenge with designing a truly appealing seasonally themed label is in making it fresh and attention-grabbing enough to actually inspire people to take a closer look. That can be done through, for example, adding a picture of Santa or a scary pumpkin design that is placed against a contrasting background but still uses the color theme of your brand or product. For instance, if your product typically features a green label, you can place more emphasis on elves and Christmas trees, or on a scary forest for Halloween.


The integration of colors like red and orange, however, might be a good idea as well, since these colors will grab your buyers’ attention the most. Also, you’ll want to make the writing as clear, large and high contrast as possible, so it can be read even from a distance. That way people interested in buying similar products to yours will know what your offer is all about even from a distance.