Growlers vs. Crowlers: What’s the Difference?


Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular, not just in tap rooms, but also at home. There are two packaging methods for beer: the traditional growler and the newer option – the crowler. The question is: are they really the same thing with different names? Which one is better than the other?


Let us understand the difference between grolwers and crowlers.


  1. Size

A growler has a capacity of 64 ounces (1.89 liters), which represents around four pints. The crowler has a capacity of only 32 ounces (0.946 liters), thus, half the capacity of the growler. Usually, customers purchase beer in growlers for parties, and choose crowlers when they are drinking on their own/


  1. Usage Type

Growlers are reusable beer storage containers. They are typically made of glass, aluminum or ceramic, and the client brings them for refilling. A crowler cannot be resealed after opening, thus, it is for single use.


  1. How Beer Is Preserved

Beet tends to go flat in a growler. The cap is not airtight, and every time the user opens it to pour another pint, the remaining content goes flatter. By comparison, crowlers are used up in one go and are airtight. Thus, the beer is fresh when the user opens the crowler.  Check with a local package printing company like to find out which option is better and to design a can that will catch the eye of the consumer.