Getting Tips and Information on Hard to Do Labeling Requirements

Tips Primeflex Packaging Labels


Often, the packaging of products is neutral because some manufacturers prefer the lowest price line in their production, or because there are special requirements that prevent label advertising (e.g., CBD infused products).

In a competitive world, a silent packaging can be one of the factors with a butterfly effect on the sale of products, so it is important to do your best to stand out.

Custom labels can make your products more recognizable. A recent study shows that almost 70% of buyers notice adhesive labels because they have a design that stands out.

But standing out is just a first step. If your products are displayed on a stand or shelf, you only have a few seconds to convince people to study the products in detail. So, it is important to design the presentation materials in such a way as to explain the nature of the product and its benefits.

The same study mentioned above showed that 60% of buyers are more reluctant to purchase a product when the label does not provide enough information.

Expert advice for creating an effective design even when it comes to hard to do labeling requirements

  • Identify what each product’s role is
  • Think about what the customer’s impression will be after the first impact with the packaging
  • Choose colors that reflect your brand
  • Decide what you want the labels to convey
  • Comply with legal requirements

Remember that every interaction with a product is an opportunity to imprint it in people’s minds, so you need to take advantage of all the opportunities.  To get your product noticed look to companies like Primeflex at to discuss all your labeling options.