Frozen Foods Labels that Melt Customers’ Hearts

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When it comes to hard-to-do labeling such as frozen foods, label makers need to take extra steps in order to make sure that the labels comply to certain standards. First, because frozen foods (and any frozen items in general) are stored at very low temperatures, the labels need to have a strong adhesive so that they do not fall off during transport or storage. Also, they have to stay on once the items are thawed, because water and moisture can dissolve regular glue and make the label fall off.

Also, frozen food labeling has to be done using special ink, one that would not run off once the item defrosts. Regular ink can make labels soggy and cause the ink to drip, thus erasing valuable information. Also, the ink needs to be safe to be put on food. Packaging mistakes happen for a number of reasons. Boxes can be ripped or bags can burst, making the label come into direct contact with the food. This is why, when labeling food, label makers have to make sure that they use ink that is safe and does not contain anything harmful to the human body if ingested by accident.  The production of frozen food labels can easily be done when working with an experienced printer in Denver at