Flexible Packaging – Various Applications

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Every industry and every little product faces various challenges, and many of them are related to packaging. There are many benefits of the packaging process, when flexible packaging is used.

Flexible packaging is very fast-growing and combines the best qualities of plastic, foil, paper and aluminum to provide extensive protective properties to food and non-food products. Regardless of the form in which it is presented – box, bag, etc. – flexible packaging is defined as any packaging whose shape can be easily changed. It is used for consumer goods and in industrial applications, to protect, market and distribute a wide range of products.

Fields of use: industry, retail, construction, agriculture, sanitation, hospitality, etc.

Types of flexible packages include:

  • Simple and multilayer foils
  • Covers
  • Bags

All these packaging options can be manufactured with or without printing.

Flexible foil is preferred because it offers the possibility of customization according to the specifics of the packaged product, which is a real competitive advantage. Customization possibilities also include visual properties such as transparency, gloss and printability, which allow the presentation of the product and trademark in an attractive way.

Flexible packaging is achieved by printing single-layer materials, or it can be printed and laminated into any structure and combination of flexible materials, to provide the final packaging with improved strength properties, as well as reduced oxygen and water vapor permeability.  Primeflex offers some of the best in flexible packaging options, see https://primeflex.com/.