Flexible Packaging is Possible for Almost Any Product – Benefits and Features

Flexible Packaging Peel Back Product Solutions

By definition, the term “flexible packaging” refers to any type of packaging the shape of which can be readily changed and includes the pouches, tubes, carded materials and sleeves used for wrapping products to make them suitable for selling. Flexible packaging solutions make the most of plastics and films, both being great, resistant and versatile materials. Here are some more benefits:

  • Attractive designs for increased buyer engagement – flexible packaging materials pose almost no limitations in terms of shape and size, allowing designers to get really creative and to create packages that attract attention;
  • Creative closing solutions for easy usage – flexible packages can be fitted with a variety of closures, including spouts, zip closures and many other, resealable solutions along with peel back labels that allow buyers to use the products packaged this way anywhere, while on the go or in their cars, without having to be concerned by spills;
  • Enhanced protection for the products contained – flexible packaging materials are durable, resistant to falls and scratches and provide the products inside protection from moisture, contact with air or with contaminants;
  • Sustainable solutions – many flexible packaging materials are fully recyclable and the manufacturing technologies used for making them have also been developed with the protection of the environment in mind.