Five Common Label Mistakes

Common mistakes printer labels blurring

Labels have two key functions: attract customers’ attention and offer them useful information about the product. Most labels have to meet certain regulations concerning the content: ingredients, expiration date, whether the product contains known allergens, etc.


Failing to include these elements is illegal. However, there are five other major mistake companies make in designing their product labels:


  1. Clashing Colors

Contrasting colors are recommended by designers because they attract visual attention. However, there are color combinations that contrast in an unpleasant manner. For instance, bright orange and bright green are clashing colors.


  1. Blurry Company Logo

The ideal format for the digital file containing the company logo is a vector. Common digital photo formats, such as JPG, are not recommended because they cannot be scaled (made bigger or smaller).


  1. Difficult to Read Font

If your chosen font is so artistic and intricate that it is practically illegible, it is not a good font. While it should look great, text font on a label must be easy to read.


  1. Ingredients Are Not Listed by Their Common Name

All ingredients have a scientific name and a common one. When you order them from a vendor, you will use the precise scientific name. When you print them on a label, you use the common name, which everyone understands.


  1. Safety Brand Elements that Prevent Counterfeiting

A lot of brands use specific safety brand elements on their labels, such as a hologram, a special filigree texture on the background image that are difficult to imitate by counterfeiters. You should consider adding something like this to protect your customers from buying knockoff items.  Any custom label printer Denver area offers, that has been in the printing business will know all the mistakes to avoid, and should be the first place you look for label generation.