Factors to Bear in Mind While Creating Innovative Custom Label Designs

In the past, product packaging served no other purpose than that of containing the product and the only role of the label was to inform the customer about the product contained in the wrapping. Times have changed and are changing and product labels nowadays not only serve informativity, but are important marketing tools as well like those of cannabis labels Colorado printing companies now design. Using labels that are informative, attractive and represent the style and the values of the product’s marketer is today a must, so here are a few tips about how to design custom labels that will make your products really stand out:

  • Size and shape – to create the right impact, create labels of the right size, not too small because that would make them inconspicuous, but not too large either. If your package allows it, pick an unusual shape – it will attract more attention;
  • Choose a theme and use it consistently across the product line – it will make your products easier to identify;
  • Use lettering creatively, but don’t go overboard – fonts that are too creative might be attractive, but many of them are difficult to read, so try to put informativity in front of artsy design;
  • Create engaging text – use text that is funny or witty to attract attention.