Extended Content Labels: Providing More Information to Consumers

More Info Extended Piggyback Label

In an increasingly strong, competitive market, innovative solutions differentiate us and are the smart answer to market challenges. Extended content labels are a very good example.

For starters, the short-term advantages of extended content labels include: additional space for communication and marketing. On the shelf, the product will stand from a “compact mass” of products of the same profile. This will attract customers, increasing sales, reduce labor and  logistics costs.  In the long run, we are talking about: consumer loyalty, differentiation, increasing brand notoriety.

Extended content labels combine the advantages of self-adhesive labels with those of compact leaflets of brochures, being adapted to the need for complete information about the use and safety of the product. This also allows texts in several languages, identification, limited series etc.

Multilayer or a piggyback label are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to the option of using additional packaging or printing. They can also be adapted even for the smallest products.



  • Virtually unlimited space directly on the product, on multiple pages.
  • Perfect for on-pack promotions like recipes, contests, gifts, samples, discount coupons, games, tricks, cross-ads and more.
  • Flexible design possibilities in terms of form and content. They can completely replace packaging inserts and secondary packaging.


Industries that use extended content labels

  • Consumer goods sector
  • Food industry
  • Chemical and agrochemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry