Exploring the Differences Between Glossy, Satin and Matte Labels

digital printing glossy satin matte selections

Should you use glossy, matte or satin finishes? This is a very important question to consider when manufacturing your own labels and choosing the right digital printing Denver area services. Of course, you might not even be responsible for this process, but as the business owner in charge of purchasing the new labels, you’ll be the one who has to decide what those labels will look like and how their design should impact your customers.


Glossy finishes are often very popular, but they do cater to a distinctive audience. The fact of the matter is that glossy finishes on labels are made to shine and create a “wow” effect that will immediately capture the attention of your customers. This is usually done in the interest of marketing and for emphasizing the graphics and information on your labels, so as to influence prospects to purchase your products.


Of course, glossy finishes have to only be used for products for which this type of “hype-oriented” marketing actually works. For a more mature approach to selling, you can use satin and matte finishes which have the opposite effect. They dull the shine, so that any information conveyed by the label can be viewed by the buyers without being too striking. This approach is required for products that are designed for the knowledgeable buyer who knows exactly what they want, rather than those who buy on impulse.