Expanding Your Product Messaging with Custom Extended Labels

Get More Peel and Reseal Product Labels

One of the many issues that business owners are confronted with is that they need to include a lot of information on the label, yet they cannot fit it all in there. And in that particular situation, the good news is custom extended labels can do the trick.

For instance, a multi-layer label is when one label is placed over the other. Reading it is very similar to opening a book. The bottom layer remains adhered to the product, allowing you to read everything you want to know about the product.

Extended labels can be a perfect option for businesses that sell their products in different countries because labeling products in different languages can cost more and take longer. Because all the labels are uniform, the company has much more simplified logistics when shipping its products from one country to another because it does not need to keep track of which labels need to go where.

Custom label printing is, therefore, a good choice for those who want to use extended peel & reseal labels. And the good thing about this type of label is that it can do much more than just render info. It can help customers better connect with your brand.