Do People Choose a Product Based on Their Labels?


Do Customers Pay Attention To Product LabelingLabels can be found on most of the goods we buy and they are designed to help consumers make informed decisions before purchasing certain products. Often, we choose the products according to the information on their labels and we should actually make a habit from reading the labels every time. The benefits of this information are obvious: they provide means for the producer to pass on essential product details (expiration date, safety warnings etc.) as well as useful information on nutrients, ingredients, recycling and more.

When it comes to food, you should be able to read on each package and label the name of the product and a list of ingredients (and their amounts), its nutritional value, the expiration date, storage tips and various other instructions and advice about consumption. The name and address of the manufacturer, the importer or distributor, as well as the countries/ regions of origin can also be found on the labels.

Labels are important for other products too. Many non-food products must also be labeled including flexible packaging products and contain information to ensure their safe use by consumers. A particular category is represented by household electrical appliances, which must provide full and clear information on their safe use. In this case, the label must be completed with the information on the package and from special instruction booklets.