Do Frozen Foods Require a Special Kind of Label?

Primeflex Frozen Food Labels Custom


When you aim to sell frozen food, it’s important to package and label it properly. There are important reasons why frozen foods might need to use a special kind of label and package, in order to ensure that both the food and the information on the label can be preserved properly:


  • The low temperatures can do a number on a regular label. As a result, labels designed for frozen foods feature special materials that are not affected by temperature changes and that will continue to convey the required information even when subjected to cold that reaches well below freezing.
  • Condensation is an important aspect of labeling frozen food. Naturally, most materials will not withstand the water damage, and they have to be replaced with others. Certain types of plastic are recommended for these labels, and the ink also has to be water-resistant.
  • It’s worth mentioning that most types of packaging designed for frozen foods is flexible packaging. That’s because the product in question might have to be kept in an airtight bag to be properly preserved, so the packaging has to be designed to accommodate whatever shape the airtight bag might take. Printing flexible packaging and labels requires special materials and ink, so you’d have to talk to a dependable and skilled label manufacturer like Primeflex Labels Inc in Denver to find out exactly what you would need.