Digital Printing & Improving Your Inventory Management

digital printing design creativity

Digital printing is the most modern printing technology available today, a method that holds lots of benefits for any marketer looking for ways to maintain the flexibility of their inventories while keeping costs low. The process eliminates the step of producing printing plates and allows for sending digital content directly to the label material, offering marketers numerous benefits pertaining not only to cost control, but to inventory management as well – here is how digital printing Denver businesses can make it easier for you to manage your stocks:

  • Smaller orders – digital printing is suitable for having any number of labels executed, small batches as well as large quantities, allowing companies to order just the number of labels they need, without requiring them to keep currently unneeded batches of labels in their warehouses;
  • Fast turnaround – digital printing is much faster than offset production, thus allowing marketers to deliver their new products to their consumers much sooner. The turnaround time for digital labels is 1-3 days on average, compared to offset turnaround times, ranging between 5-10 days;
  • Design flexibility and easy updates – digital printing can more easily accommodate changes in design and content, making it easier for companies to comply with changes in the legal requirements that regulate label content and facilitating new product launches as well.