Digital Peel Back Labels: A Modern Approach to Branding

peel back labels digital printing extra product information

There is a high demand for digital peel back or hinged labels in different industries active on the market. These labels are required when the amount of text to be printed exceeds the space available on the front of one single label. Extended content labels such as peel back labels give you the extra print space you need without adding bulky packaging, or using those pesky tiny-tiny fonts. Frequently requested prints include additional instructions, multilingual instructions, extended product information, additional regulatory information from different authorities etc.

But will digital peel back labels suit your brand? Let’s take a closer look at their structure and function.

Peel back labels, or double-sided labels, are a popular and inexpensive way to add more informative content. They have information printed on both sides that are glued with repositionable adhesive. Consumers can remove the upper label and reapply it after reading the additional content. After reapplying it, the label appears unchanged.

Digital peel back labels can be made from a film material, which can typically be white or metallic. One of the advantages of using this type of labels is that it remains a single layer construction, so it is not that expensive compared to a regular label.