Different Uses for Peel and Reveal Labels

peel back labels self adhesive product details

A large amount of information about the product, on the one hand, and often a package with a too small area available for this information, on the other hand, requires an effective design of labeling solutions. Peel back labels combine the advantages of self adhesive labels with those of compact mini-brochure leaflets, being adapted to the need for complete information about the use and safety of the product, texts in several languages, identification, limited series, etc.

Peel and Reveal labels are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to the option of using additional packaging or prints. They can also be applied automatically to even the smallest products and allow automatic application, such as normal adhesive labels.


  • More space for information (these labels can have several additional layers, which come off easily, revealing more details about the product). This makes them ideal for extensive information about multilingual products and versions.
  • They are perfect for on-pack promotions like recipes, contests, gifts, samples, discount coupons, games, tricks and much more.
  • Flexible design possibilities in terms of form and content. Such a label can completely replace packaging inserts and secondary packaging.

Industries that frequently use Peel and Reveal labels include:

  • Consumer goods industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical and agrochemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Peel and Reveal labels are a real help for manufacturers and distributors alike, offering an intelligent way of presenting information about the product and being also an effective marketing weapon with direct access to the consumer.