Die Cutting 101: How to Order Custom Die Cut Labels

environment green cannabis packaging label

Die cut labels are highly popular with many brands, because they have a unique design, in any shape and size the client wants. Do you want a person’s figure cut-out or a sea shell? With die cutting, you can have them.


So, how do you order die cut labels?


  1. Create Your Design

Most brands use graphic design software to create their own labels. They work with an in-house designer or hire a custom label printing Denver company to create the label design. If you choose this option, you will have full copyright over the design of the label – no other company can use it without your permission.


  1. Choose from a List of Templates

If you are not ready to invest in label design, die cutting and printing companies can let you select template from their own catalog. They usually have a wide range of models to choose from, categorized by industry and product type.


  1. Decide on Material and Number of Labels

Once you agreed on the final design in term of shape, size and color, it is time to choose the material it will be made of and the number of labels you want to order. Usually, the price per unit decreases the more labels you order.


This isn’t your average die cut machine like the kind you might use at school. These are made for projects that you can’t quite do on your own and that’s totally fine! Get super creative with your ideas and bring them to us to see them brought to life. Make your product packaging stand out (literally!) with a cool new design, font, or anything else you may want!