Developing A Packing Label Strategy For Your Brand

Why It Matters Label Strategy Digital Printing LabelTop manufacturers invest significant amounts of money in hiring good professional label designers, knowing that the packaging of a product can influence the purchasing decisions of customers. A good product with a bad label will fail to generate the sales you expect, therefore a packing label strategy is essential for your brand.

3 questions

There are three questions you must answer:

  • What is the product?
  • Who buys the product?
  • How do people buy the product?

In addition, you must identify the content that should appear on the packaging. Depending on the industry in which you are active, there may be some things you need to put on packaging for legal reasons.

  • Branding (product name and description)
  • Images
  • Barcode, nutritional information, association marks etc.
  • Temporary content (expiration dates, lot numbers, etc.)


It is a good idea to start by doing some style research. Start collecting different packaging you like, look at digital printing Denver shops, photograph things that inspire you, or create a board on Pinterest.

Inspiration may come unexpectedly: you may like the color of a T-shirt, the pattern printed on the table top of a restaurant, or the visual elements on the packaging of a pie.