Custom Label Printing Practices for Fragile Products

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When you’re creating products that can easily be damaged, it’s important to make sure your labels reflect that fact and that they are designed especially with these types of products in mind. Of course, fragility is relative, and some products are a lot more fragile than others. However, you’ll find that the same general practices apply for mildly fragile and extremely fragile items, regardless of whether you’re planning for new packages or labels.


The best course of action for designing labels for fragile items is to ensure excellent visibility through high contrast and bright colors. You’ll want to make sure all the details of the label will be visible, not just for the purpose of promoting it to customers, but primarily so that the information about the fragility of your product can easily be conveyed.


A label for a fragile item also has to be well-organized so that all the information and graphics will be easy to see and read. The best approach for this is to use a skilled design service along with the custom label printing Denver shop you employ. If both the printing and design service are offered by the same company, even better! Then you won’t have to seek out two different firms, and you only have to present your vision once to get it turned into reality.