Creating Compliant And Appealing CBD Labels

Expert Advice CBD Product Label Creation Content

CBD labels should be both compliant and appealing in order to ensure the success of your business and the safety of your customers. The last decade has seen a genuine explosion of the cannabis industry. We could refer here to various types of CBD products, including dietary supplements, tinctures, oils, cosmetics and foods.

Nutrition information is one of the first things you need to include on your CBD product label. And in case your product is a supplement, you may need to add here some Supplement Facts. The excipients and ingredients should be listed in their weight order.

Some other key information that you must not leave out would be the name and address of the manufacturer, the packer, and of the distributor. All this data must be included both on the label and on the packaging. Doing that certainly is a sign of transparency and will surely be appreciated by all of your customers. At the same time, they allow your customers to contact you and find additional information whenever they need to.

The brand and logo of your company should be included on the front panel of your labels. Manufacturing date, the batch and lot number, as well as the license number and the barcode or the QR codes are also important.