Considering The Environment With Your Packing Labels

Organic PackagingPackaging plays a very important role as an informational vehicle, considering that it contains essential information and recommendations: ingredients, storage, how to use, nutritional intake and price. Buyers go over hundreds of brands when they visit a store, and aesthetics are essential to make the brand stand out to capture people`s attention and make it easy for them to find it.

Sometimes called the “silent seller” due to its ability to influence buyers` purchasing intentions, packaging is also a way of brand communication, transmitting the personality, positioning, values ​​and benefits of the brand. Not all buyers are the same, so different types of packaging are needed to reach different buyer typologies.

Labels and packaging from Primeflex Labels Inc in Colorado are made of different materials, but more and more emphasis is now on eco-friendly products. It is important to consider the environment even when it comes to the smallest details. If you want to do this with your packing labels, take into account aspects such as the volume of packaging used, the packaging material and the possibility of recycling or reuse. Plastic can be replaced with 100% biodegradable and compostable organic alternatives, also with paper/ cardboard or even textile materials. In any case, detailed information on the nature, recycling, recovery and the environmental implications of packaging and labels is essential.