Common Materials Used for Flexible Packaging

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Flexible packaging is a type of packaging that uses a strong, but flexible material that is able to provide the product contained adequate protection without being too rigid. The best examples are the bags and pouches used for containing products in liquid or powder form, but the versatility of the solution makes it suitable for any type of product. Here are some of the most common materials used for manufacturing flexible packaging:

  • Polymer films – preferred by many marketers for their outstanding tensile strength and resistance to punctures, polymer films come in a variety of thicknesses, offering the best solution for whatever product you have. The other qualities that make polymer films so popular include just the right amount of stiffness and affordability.
  • Paper – the paper materials used for manufacturing flexible packaging are usually reinforced to ensure adequate protection from the penetration of humidity as well as to provide the right stiffness for your product.
  • Aluminum foil – another great and affordable material, the flexible packaging made from aluminum gives marketers all the benefits of the strong and lightweight metal as well as the flexibility offered by other types of films. The most common products that aluminum foil packaging is associated with include cosmetic products and chemicals.  Find out all the way flexible packaging will work for your products