Colorado Business Growth Prospects

When it comes to job growth, the annual forecast show Colorado ranking high in the top 10 states, which makes it a very good place for people in search of career and business growth opportunities.

In these circumstances, there is no wonder that Colorado has one of the fastest rates of population growth in the country. This year, it added almost 100,000 people and reached a total of 5.5 million.

Business growth prospects were visible in most sectors, except for natural resources and mining. Construction sector was the most active, with a job growth of almost 6%.

The industries with the most significant contribution to job gains in 2018 are expected to be professional and business services with an emphasis in custom packaging Denver services, trade transportation and utilities, as well as education and services. Together, they will add almost 30,000 jobs.

Higher prices for natural gas and oil will also make natural resources stronger. Trade employment will grow too, in 2018, in spite of e-commerce. However, there is a problem that everyone is talking about: the aging workforce and the insufficient number of skilled workers to fill all the existing jobs.

Even so, Colorado will remain among the top 10 states with the most significant business growth prospects and will continue to be the envy of many other states.




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