The Colorado Business Climate – An Overview

If you want to start a business in Colorado, your first interest is related, naturally, to the business climate in the state. The good news is that all statistics show that Colorado has one of the best economies in the US, making it a very good place for corporations of all sizes, entrepreneurs and innovators.  Businesses such as Primeflex Labels is thriving and adding to the overall economy here in Colorado.

The state also have very good specialists in economic development, ready to offer their services and help business prospectors navigate through the twists along the way.

Colorado`s economy grew constantly, during the last years, mostly due to the push for green and high-tech jobs, and it is estimated to remain strong in the future, which will keep the unemployment rate low and definitely below the national average.

However, there is room for improvements. If Colorado scored high when it comes to the overall state economy (no. 3 out of 50 states), it scored quite low on the costs related to doing business (no. 31). It also got good scores on access to capital and technology & innovation (no. 8) and average scores on workforce (no. 16) and business friendliness (no. 18).

According to various sources, when it comes to business tax climate (which includes individual income taxes, corporate taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, as well as unemployment insurance taxes), Colorado is ranked in the 18th place.

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