Choosing the Right Label: Which Label Size Is Appropriate for Your Product?

Choosing The Right Label SizeDesigning a label for a new product can be a difficult task. Whether you’ve just started producing a smaller item or a gadget that’s the size of a computer, you’ll need to consider adding the appropriate label – and part of that is choosing the right label size for your product as well.


There are different sizes for labels that normally have to be respected quite strictly, depending on the industry that the product is associated with. For example, when it comes to labeling various bottles, a wine bottle would require a label that’s 3.5 x 4 inches in size, while a 16 oz water bottle label will be about 8 x 2 in.


The sizes will, of course, differ for other products such as cans and jars of food, as well as various gadgets, appliances, decoration items, clothing items or furniture.


Before working on your label it’s important to measure the size of the item or product and make sure that the label you’re designing will be easily visible once set in place. Consider the size of the writing and images on the label, as well as their proportion to the product itself and the position of the viewer as well.


Based on these parameters, as well as the size and appearance of your product, you can come up with the suitable design and size for your label, and make sure that it’s an instant hit.  Get the help of a professional label company, see