Cheap Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

Packaging Solutions

Plastic is a cheap, durable, strong, but flexible material – features that have made it the preferred packaging material in many industries. However, conventional plastic takes almost forever to decompose, therefore environment-conscious companies are nowadays seeking sustainable packaging alternatives that offer the same quality, but gentle on our natural environment. Here are some of the most popular and most affordable alternatives to conventional plastic:

  • Glass – this eco-friendly alternative to is a bit more fragile and a bit more expensive than plastic, but it is fully recyclable and it does not have any impact on the taste, color and quality of the products stored inside;
  • Recycled paper and cardboard – paper has been long used for packaging and more and more companies today are replacing their plastic wrapping solutions with recycled paper, and is used in many of the CBD product label solutions;
  • Biopolymers – these biodegradable solutions are manufactured from the by-products of other industries, such as paper processing and dairy production or are made from plant components, such as potato starch or bagasse, the fibrous material that remains after the cane has been crushed and the sugar has been extracted from it. The resulting material offers features that are very similar to the features that make plastic such a popular packaging material.