CBD Labels: Meeting Compliance Standards in the Growing Industry

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CBD product labeling can be a very confusing process, as there are no specific regulations that keep up with the rapid growth of these products. Unfortunately, the lack of strict CBD labeling requirements has led to a trend of mislabeling, violation, and lawsuits against companies, for misleading customers. Whether it is about false claims related to the “benefits” of their products, or the amount of THC they contain, some manufacturers are really pushing the boundaries with their CBD product labels.

At a minimum, you should comply with FDA regulations

  • First of all, this means to make no false or misleading claims about CBD products that treat or prevent diseases. The FDA has already sent warning letters to companies that made such false claims.
  • You should also display label information correctly and make sure it is legible.
  • You must not violate the Poison Control and Packaging Act of 1970.

The FDA does not currently allow the sale of ingestible CBD products, so it is important to be aware of labeling requirements in your state. Some states do permit the sale of CBD in dietary supplements and even foods, but require specific label warnings and information.

Basic requirements to include on your marijuana labels Colorado allows:

  • Product identity
  • Net quantity of contents
  • Name and place of business
  • Disclosure of material facts