CBD Label Best Practices

The CBD Product Label Description Is Important

There are many states that have already legalized the selling of CBD, but the selling of cannabis-based products is still very strictly regulated. The CBD products sold need to comply with lots of regulations, including rules related to the packaging, so designing CBD product label packaging needs to fulfil not only an aesthetic role. Here are some tips about how to create great labels for your CBD products:

  • Check state-level regulation – the interstate sale of CBD products is still not allowed, so the regulations that will tell you exactly what your labels should look like and what information they will need to contain will be the regulations applicable in your state. However, it is still a good idea to consult FDA regulations – there might be federal requirements that you need to comply with as well;
  • Keep an eye on changes – the applicable regulations are in constant change, so you need to keep an eye on any of these changes to ensure compliance at all time;
  • Pay attention to the product description – all the claims that you make in your product description must be thoroughly founded on verifiable, scientific evidence;
  • Use the right materials – you must ensure that the materials you use for your packaging are of the highest quality, resistant enough to protect the product inside from any damage.