Colorado’s Cannabis Label Specialist

Multiple ply labels to extend your text and graphics area for smaller containers.

Cannabis Labels

Custom Marijuana Labels

Being a Colorado company, we have years of experience working with marijuana (both medical and recreational) and CBD industries, and we can help you hit the ground running on your next product launch. We have the right solutions for your product needs.

We specialize in multi-ply, peel and reveal labels (aka piggyback labels), which is ideal for extended and government required content.

We can also assist you with variable content, like SKUs, that are unique to your product offering.

Let us help you get noticed and compete with other products on the self. We create high-end branding labels for your product using our value-added foil, embossing, and eye-catching materials.

We have been there, done that with no need to educate us on what you need. Go with a leader that has experience proprietary to in the cannabis industry.