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Multiple ply labels to extend your text and graphics area for smaller containers.

Cannabis Labels

Custom Labels for CBD and Cannabis Products

Primeflex Labels has been working with Cannabis companies to produce top-notch product labels that stick for their medical, recreational, and edible products for many years. We have seen the cannabis industry change and helped our customers find solutions to some of their stickiest situations when it comes to custom labels.

We have experience working with multiple verticals within the marijuana and CBD industries such as

  • Edible marijuana products including beverages
  • Liquid concentrates
  • Topical and trans-dermal products, such as health and beauty products
  • Standard marijuana products

Our design team specializes in making product packaging solutions for the unique requirements of CBD and marijuana labels. Our label solutions and design services include

  • Digital and flexographic printing options for custom cannabis labels

  • Peel and Reveal extended content labels to meet state law standards for your medical or recreational marijuana labels

  • Thermal labels, foil labels enhancements, and two-sided printing so that your product stands out on the shelves

  • Weed Edible Business Stickers and Labels

  • Custom cannabis labels that include cannabinoid content and cannabis strain

  • THC paper and other labels

Our unique solutions satisfy all cannabis labeling requirements.

These requirements are fulfilled through our personalized and professional labels in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand way. Legally all labels are required to have the following:

  • Name of marijuana strain
  • Chemical Info (THC & CBD total and percentage)
  • Unique serial number
  • Specific dates (cultivation, testing, and expirations)
  • Weight in grams
  • Date Tested
  • Lab name and test number confirmation

Additional information should include various warnings on your marijuana product’s custom packaging:

  • Habit Forming
  • Impaired abilities
  • Age restrictions
  • Health Risks
  • Resale and transfer restrictions
  • Medical use (if applicable)
  • Not for children

Each state has its unique requirements and ways of presenting information on cannabis-related products. At Primeflex, we know the importance of fulfilling the information and presentation requirements to keep your marijuana products in the stores.

While these cannabis industry requirements are vital legally, we know that too much information will overwhelm customers. At Primeflex, we prioritize your company name, logo, and key information in larger text. The extra, legally important information is displayed in smaller text. This allows our labels to be more aesthetically pleasing and personalized to your business and market.

Need custom marijuana labels, cannabis packaging, or weed stickers for your dispensary products? A consumer can remove our multi-ply “peel and reveal” label to expose additional information. Talk with our team to learn how we can find you the right solution!

We specialize in multi-ply, peel-and-reveal custom cannabis packaging labels that allow the primary panel ply to be peeled back and show additional content for your cannabis product. Extended content labels (i.e., multi-ply peel and reveal labels) are ideal for government-mandated information or for any small product that requires more real estate than your packaging can provide. Peel and reveal labels allow you to showcase your brand, not government restrictions for the cannabis industry. These booklet-type labels are fully customizable, so the cannabis labeling is functional for your marijuana packaging.

Need marijuana product labels and custom cannabis stickers for your dispensary products? With our multi-ply “peel and reveal,” a consumer can remove cannabis labels to expose additional information or access a small folded insert. Order Now!

We also understand the complexity of variable content and multi-SKU product lines. So no matter how many SKUs you have for your marijuana or CBD product, we can help create variable labels.

Custom Packaging Labels For All Types Of Cannabis Products

We bring our experience in creating cannabis and CBD labels and packaging information to the cannabis and medical marijuana industry. We have built a great deal of expertise in solving challenging labeling obstacles, and we love to help cannabis and CBD companies find a solution for their unique packaging issues. If you have specific labeling requirements for your recreational or medical marijuana products, flower, edibles, vape cartridges, CBD oils, or other cannabis items, we would like to have the opportunity to help design the perfect label for you.

At Primeflex, we work closely with our clients and their brands to create visually aesthetic labels and promotional stickers to bring their cannabis brand to life. We know every brand and company is different, especially in the cannabis market for CBD or marijuana dispensaries. Knowing this, we spend time with each client individually and have a team of experts work to create the perfect label for your brand and marketplace. Highlight your company logo and stay compliant with regulations whether you are selling different products in jars, bags, boxes, or any other type of container that satisfies legal compliance requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our digital and flexo print capabilities; we can help make your marijuana packaging labels for your product labels a reality.

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Weed Labels, Marijuana Stickers, Dispensary Labels, Strain Labels, and other custom stickers and labels:

The competition is fierce for this industry, especially throughout the state of Colorado and the rest of the United States. Don’t just use boring paper labels! Make sure that your product stands out amongst the others with these key pieces of content for your cannabis packaging labels:

  • Readable Labels For Marijuana Packaging
  • Easy-To-Understand Information
  • Attractive Packaging and Custom Shapes
  • Flexible Packages To Fit Each Unique Product
  • Legally Compliant Product Packaging Labels
  • Safe Storage Containers and plenty of other cannabis packaging labels using our design services!

A great label can make all the difference, so speak to a specialist at Primeflex to go over your ideas, questions, and concerns before you get started today!