Cannabis Labels – Special Requirements For Cannabis Products

Due Diligence Cannabis Packaging Labels Content Requirements

Because the cannabis industry has recently experienced such a great development, CBD labels got a lot of attention, and there are some specific requirements for cannabis packaging labels Colorado companies must follow in order to remain on the legal side.

We need to note the fact that regulations may vary from one state to another; there are some particular ones which are the same all over the country. No matter if your cannabis-based products are gummies or topicals, they still need to adhere to FDA requirements, depending on your exact location. Thus, in case your cannabis product falls into the food category, then you may need to look at the FDA requirements for edible items.

There are also FDA guidelines which are intended for labeling cosmetic products. And regardless of the exact area where you are located, cannabis labels should be re-sealable, opaque and should be resistant to children.

On the front part of your labels, there should be a statement of identity and a brand logo. Your customers should know if they are purchasing hemp oil, gummies or cannabis-based cream. All in all, the labeling should be very clear about the content of the product. The net weight should also be included. Nutrition facts and warnings are some other details to be mentioned.