Cannabis Labels and Packaging Design Trends You Have to Watch

Cannabis Labels Colorful Informational

When you’re producing and selling cannabis products in areas where cannabis was deemed legal for recreational use, it’s important to be very careful about the labeling and packaging process.

In these areas, the products were legalized but often at a cost: any cannabis product available on the market is taken under strict scrutiny, and the labeling and package has to adhere to some pretty strict rules.

The labels have to contain certain vital information without which you can’t legally sell your products.

These include details about your ingredients and the dosage of CBD or THC, the restriction to certain fonts, font colors and font sizes for adequate visibility, and the requirement of placing the label in a visible area and not obscuring it with graphics or any elements of your packaging.

You’ll typically have more freedom when it comes to using various packages and graphics to “dress up” your product. In general, the main rules to follow will be to avoid any deceiving packages that don’t make it clear what you’re selling and to avoid promoting your products for children.

In fact, you have to make sure that the package not only discourages kids and teens from using it, but also has safety elements in place to prevent young children from opening it.


The common trends associated with cannabis packaging labels Colorado have often include green marijuana leaves or various “leafy” designs on white backgrounds, as well as minimalist graphics, designs reminiscent of organic, natural products and a quite heavy focus on promoting health and safety.