Is Custom Label Printing Always Necessary for Crafting CBD Labels?

Many companies are now seeking unique ways to stand out within the increasingly crowded marketplace of cannabidiol (CBD) products. While the actual ingredients of the product need to remain static to maintain a certified identity and safe standards, the labels on the packaging can be carefully crafted to attract consumers and distinguish a brand’s items Read More

The Real Power of Digital Peel-Back Labels

Digital peel back labels have become one of the most powerful tools for marketing campaigns and product promotion for many industries. With the ability to customize information and information graphics, these labels can help pay off huge dividends for accurate and timely exposure. The advanced functionality of digital peel-back labels allows quick and easy adjustments Read More

Talking to Your Custom Label Manufacturer About Adding Extended Content Labels

Having the ability to provide more information to potential customers goes a long way toward enhancing their buying and viewing experience. Extended content labels can present a detailed overview of the product, its features, and the ingredients that will set it apart from the competition. In addition, it allows the customer to make a more Read More