Does Your Manufacturing Service Have a Use for Custom Labels?

Personalized labels are very useful in a manufacturing service business. The label always plays a very important role to the customer interested in the product, providing identification and information elements related to it. The digital label and packaging printing market is still booming, and innovative digital solutions not only offer printing facilities, but also complete Read More

Are CBD Labels For Edibles Hard To Design?

It’s not necessarily that CBD labels are hard to design, because advertising companies can create everything you need nowadays, but that there are some special requirements for them, resulting from the fact that the FDA tries to prevent manufacturers and sellers from advertising this type of CBD-infused products. Consequently, there are CBD product label requirements Read More

What You Can Get from Sample Packet Printing

An eye-catching packaging is what makes a product stand among other products, on the shelves of a supermarket, cosmetics store or anywhere else. It is about visual identity, which produces visual impact, and choosing the right design is essential for manufacturers. Packaging companies have long been promoting their products without visibly realistic samples that would Read More