Best Colors For Labels and Packaging

There is a lot of talk about the power of colors to make the product more familiar and enjoyable and to influence the consumers` decision to buy. Indeed, studies show that when we go shopping, we are unconsciously guided by colors. As such, there is a real “battle” between designers to find the ideal color to induce a certain state and hence the decision to buy. Moreover, in the case of well-known brands that are strongly associated with certain colors, their identification and choice is made spontaneously, in front of the shelf.

Usually, in the case of dairy products, the colors are used in small amounts, leaving the domination to the white, precisely to induce the idea of ​​fresh, good, clean. In the case of sausages, the labels are small, colorful and with an “appetizing” graphic. “When it comes to meat of any kind, purple is a color that should be avoided, because it has a negative influence on the customers.

Another example is yellow, a “warning” color that, in combination with black or red, is most often used to indicate promotions, special prices as well as product differentiation aspects.

“Noble” colors (like gold, silver, anthracite, purple, intense blue) indicate the premium level of the product.  No matter the color, it is important to find a Denver packaging company that uses the latest technology to ensure high end labels for your packaging needs.

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