Barcode Basics What to Know About Barcodes and UPCs for Product Labels

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Despite the fact that a barcode or a UPC may not be the nicest parts of your product label, they are certainly very important. A universal product code is a 12 digit number which is typically given to merchandise. The barcode is nothing but the same number, only under the form of bars which can be read by special machines.  It’s best to search and find a product label company near me that has experience in barcode and UPC labeling to minimize the effort that is needed in getting it right.

Each part of the UPC has its own significance and special role. The first six digits show the manufacturer’s identification number. The next five digits provide the item’s number, whereas the last digit stands for the check digit number. Barcodes are marked on an A to F scale.

There are certain things that need to be taken into consideration as far as label codes are concerned. First of all, there is a so-called “quiet zone” which needs to be respected. This is the area that should be without any texts or any graphic elements. Without this special zone, scanners can accidentally read areas that are not part of the barcode.

Another important issue is to use the right kind of colors for your barcodes. The color scheme should be very simple. The size of the barcodes is another important detail to be considered.