Avoiding the Mistake of Using Peel & Reseal Labels Improperly

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Using peel and reseal labels the wrong way can cause some serious issues. For instance, the sealing can be inefficient, and the product may lose its freshness, not to mention the frustration that you can feel, as a customer. But there are some useful tips that can surely help you avoid mistakes when you are using this type of label.

First of all, there should be some clear and concise instructions on the packaging about how to use the peel and reseal feature. The language should be easy to understand, and include visual elements. At the same time, you need to make sure that those instructions are visible on the packaging, close to the peel and reseal label, so that consumers can quickly find and understand the information.

At any rate, you should make the effort to invest in high quality peel and reseal labels that can be sealed properly. Cheap labels may not adhere well, so that you can have problems with the resealing part.

Another good idea is to a testing of the peel and reseal feature during the product development phase, and also implement best quality control measures to catch any issues in due time. The labels should have an intuitive design, using arrows and icons for guiding users on how to peel and reseal.