Avoiding Legal Issues When Crafting and Using Cannabis Labels

Cannabis Labels Design Content Specifics

Mislabeled CBD products cost a lot more than crafting proper cannabis packaging labels Colorado >companies design in the first place. In many cases, you will have to withdraw the product or pay a fine. So, make sure there are no mistakes before printing your labels!

Read on about how to avoid legal issues when crafting and using cannabis labels.

  • Never miss information required by law

Yes, labels provide only little space, especially when it comes to cannabis products that come in small packages. To complicate things even more, the laws governing the labeling of cannabis products are not always 100% clear, and they may slightly vary from state to state.

  • Do not make bold health claims

The cannabis industry has grown very much, but it is still in its early stages,  and there is also a lack of peer-reviewed medical research on the health benefits of cannabis-based products. This is why you are not allowed to make health claims on the labels. According to the FDA, CBD product sellers must not label their products as a dietary supplement.

  • Do not add an extra compliance label slapped on top of the product label

The surest way to ruin your nicely crafted product label is to stick a simple black and white compliance label over it. Unfortunately, this is quite a standard practice in the industry, although it is not recommended at all. After investing a lot of money in research, branding and custom label design, a compliance label can pretty much ruin everything.